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Dream Walker

You Live, Learn, Love, and Die....End of Story....

7 March 1982

Current News and Updates

Updates are so needed here! I've graduated college now! Graduated Class of 2008 on May 10th! I'm so very happy to be free of college for now any way. I would eventually like to go back for my Masters in Graphic Animations for video game design and creations. After all it is a passion that I have other then Graphic and Web Design. I a currently working to get freelance positions for jobs through the internet. I have one main website that I am working on right now.

http://iametalandlaserarts.com/ = Iron Age Metal and Laser Arts
http://www.sngraphic.com/ = 's my home page business site soon as I get a chance to work on it!

I'm currently waiting to hear back from the BBB here in San Angelo Texas to approve me doing business here in town where I live. Other news I am happily dating Malfaris that I met on Mirc irc.bondage.com. We no longer chat there due to idiot drama, but we're still lurking around. Most of the time we can be found running around on World of Warcraft. We've been dating a few months now and things are really good. I'm actually very happy with this relationship. We'll see how things go ^_^ Anything else you want to know you have to message me ^_^